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Titanikel Cylinder Kit - Pop-Up - MS261

Titanikel Cylinder Kit - Pop-Up - MS261

SKU: CK820002

Titanikel pop-up piston and cylinder kit for STIHL MS261.

Comes with piston, piston pin, circlips, and titanikel cylinder.

Suitable replacement for OEM PN: 1141 020 1200


Titanikel cylinders have a layer of Titanium coated on the inner layer of the cylinder with Nickel. It is a multi-composite electroplating method. Because titanium is a high-strength metal, only diamonds can be used for grinding after electroplating. The cylinder surface after grinding will become very bright and smooth, it can greatly reduce the friction coefficient between piston and piston ring. This means your saw runs cooler and lasts longer than stock!

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