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We started New England Saws out of a desire to provide big saws at an affordable price. We are a small team dedicated to serving our customers.


We use the equipment we sell, which allows us to tailor every order specific to what you want to achieve. If you want to mill some small pieces to make a birdhouse, or if you want to mill the state record Silver Maple tree using a double ended Bulletproof 880 setup, we know what you need!

In addition to milling equipment, we are experienced saw builders. We can build saws from a box of parts, so any repairs are easy to do for us! We use our engineering degrees to develop new components and to port saws to achieve more power and torque over the usable rpm range.

We are also constantly working to develop new products to make saws and milling better, more practical, and more accessible to everyone. We design and fabricate our own versions of chainsaw mills, dogs and accessories, and we take great pride in producing high quality equipment that can stand up to daily abuse in the field.

We greatly appreciate your business and support, and working with our customers is a great experience.

Happy cutting,

Steve Adams

New England Saws - Owner



Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

We stock as much material as we can so you can get your parts and setup going. We carry high end, quality parts that we have tested ourselves to ensure you get your jobs done with the least amount of hassle.

Our approach is to listen to our customer feedback and improve each time we do encounter an issue. We also offer warranties and post-sales support that we believe is better than any other dealership in the US.

If you ever have any questions, you can feel free to email, message, call or text us. We're here to help!

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