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Tecomec Super Jolly Hydraulic Chainsaw Grinder

Tecomec Super Jolly Hydraulic Chainsaw Grinder


This is the grinder we prefer for quick and accurate sharpening of all our chains. From small carving chains to large .404 225 link ripping chains this makes short work of any sharpening job. 


Tecomec's top of the line saw chain grinder the Super Jolly with a semi-hydraulic chain clamp vise. When the grinder head is lowered, the chain is automatically clamped and securely held in three places, reducing steps required and allowing the operator to index chain faster. Sharpening time can be reduced as much as half.

  • The Super Jolly special tilting vise pivots to provide additional 10 degree horizontal angle for sharpening chisel chain. It has a self-centering knob as seen in the pictures, simply rotate the knob to dial-in the correct pitch, this feature ensures that the chain is always aligned in perfect center with the vise turning axis . The Tecomec Super Jolly will grind virtually all chain types from 1/4" to 3/4" pitch chains. 
  • Complete with three different size grinding wheels for grinding all pitches of chain and depth gauges. It also comes with a dressing brick, wheel gauge and hex wrenches.

Tecomec is the world's largest manufacturer of professional chainsaw saw chain grinders!

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