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SKU: 0002

Our bulletproof 660 is built from the ground up with key part upgrades, all for $660!

We have found that these are the areas to upgrade for a long running, powerful saw.


The Bulletproof 660 for $660 will come to you broken in and tuned to run at 40:1.


The saw will go through a complete inspection, with locitite applied to every bolt, torqued to factory spec, and the Bulletproof 660 will also get some key OEM upgrades. Comes with half wrap handle, 3/4 available upon request.


Upgrades include:

  • OEM Decompression Valve
  • OEM Oil Cap
  • OEM Gas Cap
  • OEM Top End Piston Pin, Bearing and C-Clips
  • OEM Clutch Bearing
  • OEM Starter Rotor
  • OEM Flywheel Key
  • OEM Sparkplug (NGK)


Add an OEM Carb or 660 Magnum Carb for additional performance.

  • Stock Farmertec (aftermarket version of the Walbro WJ-67)
  • Genuine Walbro WJ-67 (OEM on MS660's)
  • Genuine Walbro WJ-76 (OEM on MS660 Magnum, bigger jet)


Saw comes in Blue or Orange/White to match your other STIHL saws!!!!